V&I Lab

The V&I Lab is a home for research on violence and intervention. We study violence broadly construed, including political conflict but also criminal violence, and we examine different types of intervention designed to mitigate violence. We seek to conduct basic and applied research with implications for both academics and practitioners. The V&I Lab provides a forum for collaborative work on these topics. We are unified by our commitment to this research and use the lab to effectively conduct existing projects and develop new projects together. The V&I Lab was founded in 2018.


Current areas of research include post-conflict consolidation, intervention invited by fragile states, and policing, especially outside high-income states. The V&I Lab is currently sponsored by UC-Berkeley’s Social Science Matrix. Existing projects with various collaborators are funded by the Carnegie Corporation, the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA), the Minerva Research Initiative (see our Program on Security Institutions and Violence Insecurity), the National Science Foundation, and the UC Laboratory Fees Research Program. We are currently partnered with the Observatorio de la Democracia on our work in Colombia.



Aila M. Matanock, Associate Professor at UC-Berkeley, contact: matanock@berkeley.edu


Marcelle Cohen, PhD Student at University of California, Santa Barbara, contact: marcellecohen@ucsb.edu


Daniel Balke, PhD Student at UC-Berkeley, contact: dbalke23@berkeley.edu

Melissa Carlson, PhD Candidate at UC-Berkeley, contact: m.a.carlson@berkeley.edu

Justine Davis, PhD Candidate at UC-Berkeley, contact: justine.davis@berkeley.edu

Natalia Gabiras-Diaz, PhD Candidate at UC-Berkeley, contact: nataliagarbirasdiaz@berkeley.edu

Allison Grossman, PhD Candidate at UC-Berkeley, contact: allison.grossman@berkeley.edu

Biz Herman, PhD Candidate at UC-Berkeley, contact: elizabethdherman@berkeley.edu

Vanessa Navarro Rodriguez, PhD Student at UC-Berkeley, contact: vanessa_nr@berkeley.edu

Julia Raven, PhD Student at UC-Berkeley, contact: juliaraven@berkeley.edu

Carlos Schmidt-Padilla, PhD Candidate at UC-Berkeley, contact: cschmidtpadilla@berkeley.edu

Alex Stephenson, PhD Candidate at UC-Berkeley, alexander_stephenson@berkeley.edu


Caroline M. Brandt, Postdoctoral Scholar & Teaching Fellow at University of Southern California, cmbrandt@usc.edu

David Dow, Postdoctoral Research Associate at DevLab and Department of Political Science at Duke University, david.dow@duke.edu

Chelsea Johnson, Fellow of Public Policy at The London School of Economics and Political Science, c.johnson14@lse.ac.uk

Adam Lichtenheld, Post-doctoral Fellow at the MacMillan Center at Yale University, adam.lichtenheld@yale.edu


Colin Walsh, Generalist Delegate at International Committee of the Red Cross

Fiona Shen-Bayh, Assistant Professor of Government at the College of William & Mary, fshenbayh@wm.edu

Graduate students, visiting scholars, and other collaborators interested in formally joining the V&I Lab should contact matanock@berkeley.edu.