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Reviewed by Democratization (also mentioned in a review in Perspectives on Politics)

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Also Runner Up for the International Studies Association’s Peace Studies’ Kenneth E. Boulding Award

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PAPERS (with Invitations to ReVISE AND REsubmit)

“How and Why Armed Groups Participate in Elections” (with Paul Staniland) [Working version here.] (R&R)

PAPERS (under Review and in Progress)

On Civil Conflict, Post-Conflict Elections, and External Engagement:

“How Does International Intervention Work? Mechanisms for Securing Settlements to Civil Conflicts” (with Adam G. Lichtenheld*) [Working version here.] (under review)

“Candidates and Combatants: Why Do Simultaneous Electoral and Armed Campaigns Occur?” (with David A. Dow*)

Civilians in Civil Combat:

“Elite Cues and Endorsement Experiments in Conflict Contexts” (with Natalia Garbiras-Díaz* and Miguel García-Sánchez)

“Living in Fear: The Dynamics of Extortion in Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency” (with Beatriz Magaloni, Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, Gustavo Robles, and Vidal Romero) [Working version here.] (under review)

On International Involvement in Weak States:

“Shared Sovereignty in State-Building”

Awarded the American Political Science Association’s Foreign Policy Section’s Best Paper Award

“Invited Intervention: A Mechanism to Restore the Rule of Law in Weak States?” (with Natalia Garbiras-Díaz*)

“Tribal Relations: Social Cohesion and Shared Sovereignty” (with Andrew Bertoli*)

“Civic Education and Electoral Observation in Violent Elections: Evidence from Côte d’Ivoire’s 2015 Election” (with Leonardo R. Arriola, Manuela Travaglianti, and Justine M. Davis*)

“Bottom Ten: Third Party Policymakers and the Limits of the Influence of Indicators” (with Melissa M. Lee)


“Learning to Share: Explaining the Conditions under Which States Delegate Governance,” Center for Global Development’s Working Paper Series, 181 (September 2009): 1-48.

* denotes a current or former UC-Berkeley student.

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